Study Proposal Request

Study funder institutions can contact the SIGMA Consortium Office or a SIGMA Member organization for a research proposal request. The request will be distributed to all SIGMA Members to express interest and availability to participate in the study in the roles of Coordinating Centre, Principal Investigator Centre and/or Research Site.

Interested to collaborate with members of the SIGMA consortium? Please submit a study proposal request to the SIGMA Office by using the following form*:

Proposal request form

Or download it through SIGMA study proposal request form and send it via email to

SIGMA Model of Collaboration

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Study request information

When you complete this form your request will be forwarded to the SIGMA Office members at RTI Health Solutions and The PHARMO Institute. The SIGMA Office will forward this request to the other members of the SIGMA Consortium for evaluation. Confidentiality within the SIGMA Consortium is covered through the Consortium Agreement among its Members and CDAs with Collaborators