SIGMA Members

The SIGMA Consortium is formed by a group of leading research institutions and universities with extensive expertise and experience in the conduct of pharmacoepidemiologic and real-world evidence research

Dr. Susana Perez-Gutthann, FISPE

SIGMA Executive Committee member, Board Chair


Prof. Ron Herings, FISPE

SIGMA Executive Committee member


Prof. Vera Ehrenstein

SIGMA Executive Committee member


Prof. Thomas MacDonald, FISPE

United Kingdom

The SIGMA consortium collaborates with the following research institutions:

Prof. Anna-Maija Tolppanen


Prof. Giampiero Mazzaglia


Dr. Gianluca Trifirò


In March 2022, the SIGMA Consortium and VAC4EU formally joined forces and expressed their shared vision and mutual goal to continue collaborating, developing existing synergies, and sharing expertise and knowledge, information, and tools developed by the two networks for pharmacoepidemiology/real world evidence studies and activities.