New SIGMA Member, Karolinska Institutet, Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology

25 January 2024

On 18 January, 2024, the SIGMA Consortium welcomed Karolinska Institutet, Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology (CPE) as its newest Member Organisation. CPE was established in 2005 and has since then been involved in many international pharmacoepidemiological studies. CPE has been a research partner in more than 40 regulatory driven post authorisation safety studies (PASS) and drug utilisation studies. The researcher team has high level of expertise in the fields of pharmacoepidemiology/real-world evidence (RWE), biostatistics and Swedish health care register linkages. CPE is also involved in academic multicentre studies, such as NorPress and InPress. As a result, CPE also has extensive experience in collaborating with a wide range of parties, both from academia, authorities and industry.

Over the years, CPE has developed specific pharmacoepidemiological expertise in several areas such as reproduction, psychiatry and neurological diseases, and chronic and inflammatory diseases. A large part of their research is based on data from the national registers at the National Board of Health and Welfare and Statistics Sweden, as well as corresponding registers from other countries, especially the Nordic countries. Data from quality registers and medical records are occasionally also included in their research.

The SIGMA Consortium is beyond excited that this long-term SIGMA Collaborator has finally joined our Consortium and look forward to continue working with Dr. Johan Reutfors, Caroline Öberg and the rest of the CPE Team!